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 The lovely ladies over at Pretty Dress have teamed up with a selection of Perth bloggers to style one dress in a number of different ways. I’m all about getting back to basics when it comes to fashion.  A simple shirt dress, my trusty mimco handbag, a pair of sunnies and bare feet: my summer uniform!

Photos taken by Nick Fitzpatrick.


Cameo are fairly well known for creating rad threads at affordable prices. I’ve always thought of them as a great australian fashion label, but after spying their latest collect Land of the Lost my opinion hgas changed: They are geniuses, I need every piece!

The Anchorage cape (first left photo) in particular has got me pining. I’m searching everywhere online trying to find one! I suppose I can wait for them to hit the stores, but I am actually obsessed! It’s been a while since I was so excited about a collection of clothes that I actually have the means to go out and buy – very exciting!

Which is your favourite piece?


I am so obsessed with these ladies’ wetsuits designed by Cynthia Rowley in collaboration with Roxy. I’ve decided that as an Australian who has always lived within 10 minutes drive of the beach, it is a bit shameful that I don’t know how to surf… So surfing lessons are on the horizon, and maybe one of these babies if the shopping stars align!


 This year I was particularly excited to attend the WA Designer Collections runway as a few of my lady friends were showing their collections. The beautiful Kate and Erin of On a Whim made their PFF debut along with Little Gracie’s male counterpart Little Bobby!

There’s never any shortage of talent on this runway! With such a stark mix of design style and aesthetic it is the perfect show for someone who can only attend one show and must choose wisely!

I am particularly in love with the Peppermint Milk wedding dress: it reminds me of something Vivienne Westwood would send down the runway (which is never a bad thing!!)

Which is your favourite outfit pictured? xx


Designer capsule 1 proved to be a very convenient joining of a few of my absolute favourite Perth designers, culminating in a show that was current and cohesive.

The materials used in each of the collections were to die for: full of texture and character. To top it all off, Zsadar designer Shane Newton gave the ladies in the crowd something to sigh about – I mean come on, seriously?

I loved the signature digital cut-outs in Daniella Caputi’s latest collection, and the hair was styled to perfection. The leather pieces by Lisa Marjanovich were the stand out in her collection. You can always tell when an outfit is a hit, because every single blogger grabs for there camera and takes a million or so photos!

Butcher and the Crow stayed true to form with a collection inspired by the cult film Picnic at Hanging Rock. I love the semi-concealed waist belts!

As a capsule show it tessellated really well and left me with about twenty new pieces to add to the mental wish list!


The flagship Morrison store in Fremantle always seems to be the difference between me getting to Uni on time or late. If my class starts at 8:30 all I can do is pause outside the store for a minute or two with my nose pressed against the glass. If my class starts at 1:30 there is no chance that you will be able to pry my away from the racks of beautiful clothing accessories and homewares! I am starting to realise that I am going to have to devise a new route to Uni, especially considering this latest collection…


Brilliant crisp whites, elegant ebony and even a tropical resort print (not pictured) graced the catwalk at Fashion Paramount last thursday. Models of the two legged and four legged variety glided down the alabaster runway in the lastest clothing ranging from practical day-wear to a meringue-esq dress that I need in my wardrobe right now!

There’s no doubt about it, I am even more in love with this iconic WA label than I was before and I’m certainly not going to be getting to class on time in the foreseeable future…

p.s. How cute is this picture of Emma from Dropstitch and AOTA? I just had to share!


I am finally getting around to posting about Restyle on the Runway which saw myself and 10 other Perth bloggers take to the runway in our op-shopped threads. I was super nervous waiting backstage but it turned out to be so much fun! Everyone in the audience had a permanent smile on their face and made us feel totally at ease.


From having our hair and makeup done backstage, to styling our own purchases the entire experience was so fun. Thanks so much to my friends and family who came along to support me on the Runway and a special thank you to Lex for taking some photos of the runway!

*First runway photo by the talented ladies at http://www.lefanciulle.blogspot.com